About Us

New Mexico Harvest is the continued evolution of a fundamental element of society, a safe and sustainable local food system.As a CSA, we have connected the farmers to the community since 1994. We are excited to continue growing with New Mexico. 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) may be a term you have heard, but the idea behind it is as old as it gets. In exchange for raising food to feed a community, the community supports the farmer, no matter what. Stewarding the land and bringing forth food in harmony with nature is such a fragile relationship and yet it is crucial for survival. 

Our business is a dedication of people to their community, of our families to our land and our lives to our food. Your Farmers are dedicated to growing the purest, most nourishing crops this land can provide. Your NM Harvest team is dedicated to connecting their food to you and helping you enjoy it. All we are missing is you! 



Thomas Swendson – Boss Man

Thomas moved to New Mexico from Colorado in 2010 and spent the next decade earning a uniquely New Mexico background in food systems. In 2019 he took over ownership of the oldest CSA in the state, Beneficial Farms, established in 1994. 


"New Mexico Harvest is my commitment to carry on the traditions and history our community has with its farmers and see it last beyond our generation’s time. We have all had a different journey that brought us together, and through the food of our land we are united."   - TS



Edward Whitney – General Manager

Edward joined the CSA in 2017, leaving a similar background for the ability to make more impact in the community. Mucking the chicken coops one day, meeting with a chef the next and all while keeping in touch with every farmer’s harvest is no small feat, and we would be lost without him. 







Mariah Mora– Customer Service Extraordinaire   

When not playing with her puppies and searching out the best taco joints in Albuquerque, Mariah is our customer service representative. She is a great problem solver and enjoys taking with our amazing members. She is also an avid painter and the office thumb wrestling champion.    


Jason Adams – Volunteer of the Year 3x! 

Jason started volunteering for the CSA in 2016 and has been making time each week to help. In the early days this meant packing shares up on a back loading-dock, out in the snow and intense heat, but Jason has been dedicated through it all! Jason helps deliver some of our Santa Fe orders to more remote houses, because sometimes all you need is a little Subaru power.








Kyle Malone

Kyle works the marketing. He loves looking at fonts and awesome layouts. When Kyle was 9 years old he began working at the Corrales Growers Market,  selling a variety of herbs picked from his moms garden. Once he graduated high school, Kyle started playing bluegrass with his band, Squash Blossom Boys, at farmers markets around the state. It was a natural progression that Kyle joined the CSA in 2018, making egg cartons for Beneficial Farm Eggs, soon after making the switch to a permanent employee at New Mexico Harvest. Kyle is a father, designer, woodworker, artist, and musician.