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New Mexico

Harvest Membership

When you invest in a New Mexico Harvest, you are not just buying fruits and vegetables, you are an investor your local food system.


Double Up Food Bucks

Oh boy, if you have EBT (Food Stamp) and would like to use them on our produce, things just got awesome!


We are partnered with the Double Up Bucks Program, a wonderful grant through the NM Farmers Marketing Association and the USDA.

This program covers 50% of all the locally grown fruits and vegetables when you use your food stamp funds. This discount is specifically for produce, but you can still order other local foods and use your EBT funds for them. 


Local fresh food. Delivered. 

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New Mexico Harvest is a membership of families across our state that actively invest in our food system. Through this we gain all the benefits of our local farmer’s harvest.


Eat Local. Eat Seasonal. Eat Outside the Box Stores. 

For too long, there has been a veil between you and your food - but no more. Every crop, grain or steak can be traced directly back to the farmer in New Mexico. We work with farmers, ranchers, and food artisans to ensure that you receive the highest quality food available. 

Going Green...

Learn more about our efforts to eliminate plastic food waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Vegetable Picking
Michael Rawn (Tutor at St. John’s College Santa Fe)

“We just grilled two steaks with butter and salt and pepper. I didn’t even want to cook them, they looked and felt so fresh. Just wanted to hold them in my hands for the rest of my life.”