The environmental impacts our families, our farms and our community have is fundamentally important to a sustainable local food system. The CSA continues to take steps to lessen meaningless consumption and waste in our community. As technologies adapt and through community support and involvement, we will continue to improve our efforts. 




No Plastic Goal

Awareness of plastic consumption is on the rise and food has been a major source of unnecessary plastic waste. The grocery store’s approach of “the more layers of plastic, the safer the food” is flawed but our entire food system has been built around plastic, so change takes time. 


Our food is grown, harvested and packaged using as few disposable plastics as possible. We need to ensure all your food is still as safe as possible, so there are some plastics used. 

Plastic can be extremely crucial to keeping our food hydrated and as safe, especially with leafy greens. Some foods don’t need to be bagged; farmers have found lots of ways to store crops naturally throughout history. 


When we do need a plastic bag, we have biodegradable produce bags. These bags can be taken to local grocery stores for recycling or sent to New Mexico Harvest for proper recycling. Please ensure bags are properly cleaned for recycling. 


We stay updated on industrial developments, as the nation starts to shift away from plastic, and incorporate new practices as they come to light. 


With all this in mind, we rely on members using and returning their Harvest Bags every week. 

We need them every week to send out your orders, and we only anticipate so many lost to damage or dirt. 

It would take a ton of extra effort to hold everyone accountable on returning bags and we have a 25-year-old honor system going, so let’s keep that going! 



Zero Food Waste Goal


All along the national food-chain, waste is rampant. 

Up to 40 percent of the food in the United States is never eaten. But at the same time, one in eight Americans struggles to put enough food on the table.


Virtually everything you orders for the week is being harvested and prepared for you, key word here is virtually. Bringing the best in agricultural traditions to the modern age makes all this happen. 

We are developing a new vision of a growing coop/member coop/food production. This is involves all of our partners and members, who are committed because we all rise together. 



Carbon Neutral Goal


We are going to share a little secret; one we hope never dies:

Our community really wants to help connect with farmers!


Over 25 years, this CSA has slowing expanded, changing along the way and making friends. 

Some friends own a restaurant where we drop off your Harvest bags. 

Some friends meet our delivery truck and run a few bags out of town.

Friends let us share their cooler and warehouse space.

Friends will take your crops to town when the cows get out.

Or better yet your friend lets you borrow his “fancy” truck for deliveries.

Friends are help each other out all the time in our community, we rarely get a chance to share it with you, but it is beautiful!  

The entire food network that is New Mexico Harvest is built on friendship and a shared dedication to our food. 

Between efficient partner back-hauling, cost-sharing of expensive equipment and pick-up locations we are making every effort to decrease unnecessary driving.


As soon as we get up to our target membership, we will do a survey and get the cool numbers on how much of an impact we are having!