Growing Forward

This essentially a Go-Fund-Me with farmers! The more support we get, the more we build a sustainable local food system. The stronger our membership, the stronger our voice for the farmers.


Your support will not go unnoticed. For every New Member you refer to New Mexico Harvest, we will credit your account $25. There is no limit to how many times you do this. For more information about our Incentive Program click here 


Putting Down Roots

Thomas and his partner Electra just celebrated 3 amazing years together. Their journey has been intertwined with the future of our organization and shaped its future. With great excitement, they will be starting their own farm and joining the food revolution! 

This adventure will allow them to experiment with a variety of growing techniques and fun farm projects as they get to know the land. The farm will also house our commercial kitchen, seed storage, and a place to explore new recipes with our harvest. 

Preserve the Harvest

One of the biggest challenges to start working on is capturing crops at peak season and saving them for the winter. 

Essentially this can be bottling sunlight to pull out of your cupboard on the darkest of days, to bring that burst of spring back into your kitchen. 

We will be building a commercial grade kitchen and processing facility on our farm, piece by piece. With this tool, we can safely start sharing food experiments with you, all geared towards preserving our food in some form.

This will be for all our farmer’s crops and we expect to see some seriously good food be created. 

Like the homesteaders of old, we will be putting our harvests up for the winter, preserving them through freezing, drying, canning and fermenting. 

Thomas' Test Kitchen - Video Series 

Unlike the homesteaders, we have Pintrest and Savory Spice shop! 

Before we Preserve the Harvest, we need to start dialing in our recipes. Any fans of America’s Test Kitchen might get the joke, but this will be a little weekly offering of early stage food projects. 

Making the commitment to local can be hard when you don’t know how to cook all the harvest. 

Thomas will be inviting members to see their food in its various beauty, with the upcoming cooking video series. We will show you how to make the best pesto, fillet a fish, render fat and just about everything we know when living with the local seasons. 

thomas grilling.JPG