Our Farmers and Partners

The best way to meet our farmers and see their land, aside from 300 people driving to Pie Town, is a video! We would like you to imagine the finest cinema crew gearing up to start shooting, which isn’t far from the truth with our UNM film program in town! (Coming Soon!) 

We are working on some fun upcoming projects and look forward to showing you New Mexico from our eyes.

Until then, we have the next best thing:

A map that you need to make a really big map! 

Expanding this map to full screen really gives you a sense of your food and where it comes from. 

We have added as much information about your farmers as we could, and there are always more details when you order. 


All our farmers, ranchers and producers hold themselves to high standard of quality in the food they produce for you. Everyone has a different story, their relationships to their land are unique and they all have something in common, pride in their work. 

Our crops are raised without pesticide, in keeping with Organic practices though they may not be certified. 

The virtual farmers market includes details like the heirloom varieties, the farmers and their production practices.


We know more about your food than this website can hold, so reach out if you have additional questions


We hold our farmers in the highest regard. 

They are stewards of the land and dedicate their lives to summon forth and nurture the growth of foods that sustain the lives of hundreds of families in our community, which deserves our upmost gratitude and respect.   


  • Agustin Orozco

  • Alcides Ortigoza

  • Anthony Youth Farm

  • Big Jim Farms

  • Chispas Farm

  • De Smet Bro's Creamery

  • Freshies of NM

  • Frisco Farm

  • Growing Opportunities Inc.

  • La Mesa Organic Farms

  • La Montanita

  • La Semilla Food Center

  • Malandro Farm

  • North Valley Organics

  • Otter Farm

  • Patrick's Fine Foods, INC.

  • Polk's Folly

  • Preferred Produce

  • Rancho de Santa Fe

  • Rancho La Jolla

  • Reunity Resources

  • Romero Farms


  • Schwebach Farm

  • Seashaken

  • Silver Leaf Farms

  • Sol y Tierra Growers Cooperative

  • Sungreen Living Foods

  • Synergia Ranch

  • Tesuque Farms

  • Timberline Unlimited

  • Tulipani Pasta

  • Turtle Rock Foods, LLC

  • Vida Verde Farm

  • Wagner Field to Plate LLC

  • Zia Energia, LLC