Home Delivery

Like the Milkman of old, we know the best way is to bring it directly to you. Funny enough, we do deliver milk! 

All our home delivery customers receive up-to-date emails, including:

  • an estimated ETA the day before

  • live time reminder when we are getting close to your stop 

  • instant updates if deliveries are behind schedule. 

Albuquerque deliveries are Wednesdays and Thursdays 7 am-4 pm. 

Santa Fe, Turquoise Trail, and Eldorado deliveries are Friday 7 am-4 pm.

If you're inside our home delivery area, we'll be delivering to your neighborhood once a week. There is a $30 minimum to place an order and all deliveries include a flat $7.95 delivery fee. 

**If your delivery notifications become redundant, we have an Unsubscribe option 


Pick Up Locations

For our remote locations or members, we can’t deliver to, we have a variety of pick up locations.  

These can be a school, office, restaurant, brewery or any central community location. They are a great way to connect with local businesses that are also invested in local food and get to know your community. 

*If you are interested in starting a Pickup Location, please reach out!