New Mexico Harvest CSA Policy

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Members:

For you to gain the most from your New Mexico Harvest experience, please read the following document carefully as it outlines the policies that keep our organization working smoothly for all of our members and farmers.

In Community Supported Agriculture consumers and farmers work together on behalf of the earth and each other. The farmers tend the land on behalf of others; the consumers share the costs of supporting the farms and share the risk of variable harvests (and consume the abundance in fruitful years!). 


Your membership to New Mexico Harvest reflects your commitment to help grow and strengthen the local food network.

New Mexico Harvest distributes year-round, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas week.


Members understand it is their responsibility to pick up their orders or have a safe location for us to deliver their food.

If your account is active, your cart will automatically populate with the harvest and it is your responsibility to customize your orders by the deadline. We need to give our farmers the right information as fast as possible. 

Members are responsible for their account holds, whether you need a week off or are taking a vacation, remember to put your order on hold. There are a series of emails in place to help alert you to anticipate an order.

In unexpected circumstances when you need to cancel your share after the deadline, we do our best to catch things early. We reserve the right to debit your account for the farmer’s costs if a crop is harvested for you already.


Traditionally, members of a CSA would make an entire season’s commitment to the harvest, thus ensuring the harvest was supported.  We have made this more accessible with monthly investments and fully refundable balances. 

We use a web-based software program called Farmigo, technology designed for farmers. The allows us to safely process all your payment information and create our virtual farmers market. 

Members agree to pay their accounts in a timely manner and keep my membership account information up to date. If there is a delay or you are considering other account changes, please let us know. 

Members can cancel at any time and your account balance is refunded. We need advanced notice, particularly if you elect to have automatic payments on your account, to stop the dumb computers. 

We appreciate it if members spend down their account balances, but refunds are mailed out within 30 days as requested.


New Mexico Harvest communicates with its members mainly through email including weekly emails with the Harvest, new farmer/producer updates, order/delivery updates and a few others. 

We understand these might be too many for some people, let us know, we are continuing to try to find the right level of information our members want. 

New Mexico Harvest does not sell or rent our email list.