How It works:

  • Create a Harvest account where you place orders each week. This requires an upfront investment to help plan the months harvest. 

  • Every week our virtual farmer’s market opens with what is in our farmer’s fields. Every member can customize what we harvest for them.

  • Our farmer’s get the collective orders and then set to work harvesting and packing exactly what we need. Nothing is wasted and our farmers can spend more time tending their land. 

  • The Harvests from across the state come together, we pack up your orders and then deliver it to your door. Simple as that. 

The Harvest changes every week and every season is a new adventure in our land.


New Mexico Harvest uses a Community Supported Agriculture model, CSA for short.

Community members pledge support to our farms, sharing the risks and benefits.

In this way, your active farm account is your ongoing pledge to support local.

You are taking an active stance on investing in your food, our farmers and team work on your behalf to bring the best of the harvest to you.

As a group, we are striving for a sustainable relationship with our land and our food.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for everything you order. If you have an issue with something in your bag, please contact us via email at

We will credit your account for the amount that you purchased that item.

Voting with your Dollar!

The national food system has done some irreparable damage to the land and farming in this country. At some point, too much power over our food was taken away and we were left with food that hurts us instead of nourishing us. 

A typical American meal contains ingredients from five foreign countries.  *

Choosing to support local might be a little more expensive, but you will be surprised at how much can be accomplished as a community! Every dollar spent on food grown in your community takes more power back for our food, so cast your vote. 

We pay our farmers a reasonable living price for the food they grow for us.

"If we are going to see the future of local food and agriculture survive and flourish, we need to stop treating our farmers like they should be poor. "     TS


Our membership offers a strong level of stability to our farmers, we work with them through the hard times, with the strength of our community behind us.