How do I sign up?

The direct link to create an account with us is https://csa.farmigo.com/join/newmexicoharvest.

We are creating a quick video to help guide you through the sign up process and better understand the Harvest program.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with my order?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for everything you order. If you have an issue with something in your bag, please contact us via email at orders@newmexicoharvest.com

We will credit your account for the amount that you purchased that item.

What are my payment options?

We accept most major credit cards, electronic checks, and PayPal.

For EBT Payment, we contact you directly. When signing up, select the Healthy Eater option.

Why do I have to put money in a farm account?

We generally ask for $150 investments in your farm account. This is roughly a month’s food commitment, and we offer bonuses for larger investment.

Traditionally this membership investment helps famers buy seed in the Spring to plan next years harvest. Our commitments to farmers and their future harvest are based on our membership's investments.

We charge an initial $7.50 to offset the cost of the insulate reusable bags. We reserve the right to cost-share additional bags but try to rely on member’s returning their bags to avoid this.

What do we do with the bags that our order comes in?

Please return your Harvest bags to us each time we bring your next order. This saves you money on excessive food packaging and is a key part of our operation.

Is there a commitment or can I cancel anytime?  

We will always refund your farm balance if you choose to close it down. Please allow us 2 weeks to process a refund check, and alert us of your plans to leave before your account balance gets low.

We also offer our members a lot of flexibility in when they place orders. Whether you take a few weeks off or half of the year you travel, you can customize your account holds to match your needs.


What comes in the Harvest Bag?

With the ability to customize your Harvest, you can get exactly what you want! Our network of farmers, ranchers and producers bring a bountiful harvest to offer us each week. This changes weekly with the seasons, but we are always expanding our harvest. If you are interested in us carrying something, please reach out.

Can you re-use the plastic bags, bottles, egg cartons, etc. that come in our bag?

We sometimes can reuse certain packages, like egg cartons, but unfortunately most we cannot. We are looking into reusable packaging for future projects and always open to member input.

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