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CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

We are so happy you are interested in furthering your support for the local food system. We are a year around multi-farm CSA, food hub, and producer driven network.

A multi-farm CSA unites several growers to feed a common community. The benefits of this approach are many. It provides the advantages of a traditional CSA along with the collective support of partnering with other farms or growers. 

The burden and the risks of growing dozens of crops are shared among the growers. Growers can specialize and diversify as the seasons change. There is the opportunity for growers to learn from each other. And new growers have an opportunity to 'try their hand' without committing to supporting a full CSA on their own. 

The multi-farm CSA also provides protection to customers. Since more than one farm will grow most crops, the loss of production from a single farm can be made up by others. 


Throughout the year, New Mexico Harvest works with nearly 80 different farmers, ranchers, and food producers from within New Mexico. Coordinating such a large group of food artisians, harvesting, aggergating, packing, and delivering all this local food every week is no easy task, but it is the best way to get local, fresh food from around the state to your doorstep each week. 

What We Offer

New Mexico Harvest is a multi-farm CSA, food hub, and producer driven network. We work with produce farmers, ranchers, cheese makers, bakers, and many value added food product producers. Our members have access to a huge selection of farmer products from around New Mexico. Many members have said New Mexico Harvest is like a market of all the best farmers markets in New Mexico, located in one online marketplace - with delivery right to your door! 


Our farmer network consists of seasonal farms, indoor hydroponic and aquaponic farms, ranches, and more. As a member you will have weekly access to:

  • Fresh Local Vegetables 

  • Fresh Local  Fruit

  • Local Beef

  • Local Pork

  • Local Lamb

  • Local Honey 

  • Local Milled Products

  • Local Dairy 

  • Local Breads

  • Local Drinks

  • And much more! 

Becoming a member is an active approach to supporting your local food system. The money you spend pays farms for their produce at the price they set and pays for the overhead costs of establishing a sustainable food system.

Want more information about our CSA?

What local food options do you want?
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Thank you for supporting the local food system!

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