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Once your order is placed, farms harvest your order and it is delivered within a few days right to your door.

How it works

We are so happy you are interested in furthering your support for the local food system. Throughout the year, New Mexico Harvest works with nearly 80 different farmers, ranchers, and food producers from within New Mexico. Coordinating such a large group of food artisians, harvesting, aggregating, packing, and delivering all this local food every week is no easy task, but it is the best way to get local, fresh food from around the state to your doorstep each week. Keep reading to find out how we do it!  

Three Ways to join!

Harvest Projections

Each week, beginning on Wednesday, we start planning the following week's harvest. Each farmer we work with tells us about their crops, expected harvest quantities, and washing and food safety requirements. We list on our marketplace just about everything they plan on harvesting that following week. Sometimes they have a bumper crop that is producing much more than they expected. We put these bumper crops into your subscription share. These bumper crops are always a great seasonal option and delicious.

Harvest & Aggergation

Everything is harvested to order. After you submit your order with New Mexico Harvest, the farmers begin harvesting exactly what you ordered. We usually order a couple "units"more, just in case damage occurs during pickup. The farmers will harvest your order on Monday & Tuesday morning and we pick the harvest up on Tuesday afternoon. The harvest is brought to our Harmonized GAP+ aggergation facility in Albuquerque and sorted for delivery. 

Marketplace Opens

Once all Harvest Projections have been listed on the marketplace, we open it up for our members to start a la carte ordering or customizing their share. The marketplace is open Friday 5 pm until Sunday at 7 pm. We close ordering down and begin to compile each individual farmer's and producers' orders and send it out in the form of an email or text (whatever method that farmer prefers). 

Packing & Delivery

Once all produce, meat, cheese, and value-added items have been sorted and ready for packing, we carefully pack each order. We supply each bag with a weekly recipe based on in-season items and a list of what you ordered. All CSA orders are packed in an insulated, reusable bag. We ask that you leave used bags by your door on your delivery day so we can clean and sanitize the bag to reuse in the future.  

We deliver in Albuquerque on Wednesday and Thursday. Santa Fe on Friday. Rio Rancho, Placitas, Bernalillo, on Thursday. We are working on additional delivery locations. Please let us know if you want us to come to your town! Contact Us here.

Traditional CSA Member 



This member likes to have the traditional weekly share. This tier starts at $39.99/week ($250 discount for upfront 1 year payment) and will have 5-7 items in the bag. While the marketplace is open, you are welcome to add to your share, but the baseline share is un-customizable. Because you have chosen to commit to your local food system, this tier get's 10% off Retail Price of farm fresh produce.

Nmh Customizable CSA Member

(Most Popular!)


This member is committed to weekly shares as well, however, they can completely customize their share. Every week, your share will be curated with 7-9 items, but during marketplace hours, you can completely customize that share to have exactly what you want and need. Because you have chosen to commit to your local food system, this tier also gets 10% off the Retail Pricing of the farm fresh produce.

A la carte Member



This member only purchases what they need whenever they need it. They are not committed to a weekly share. You have access to the full marketplace and can buy whatever you please.

You will still receive weekly emails with updates on new products and news about the local food system. 

Pricing is based on Retail Pricing set by the farmer. 

Home Delivery​ 

All our home delivery customers receive up-to-date emails, including:

  • an estimated ETA the day before

  • live time reminder when we are getting close to your stop 

  • instant updates if deliveries are behind schedule. 


Albuquerque deliveries are Wednesdays and Thursdays 7 am - 4 pm. 

Bernalillo, Placitas, Rio Rancho deliveries are Thursdays 7 am - 4 pm.​

Santa Fe, Turquoise Trail, and Eldorado deliveries are Friday 7 am-4 pm.

If you're inside our home delivery area, we'll be delivering to your neighborhood once a week. There is a $30 minimum to place an order and all deliveries include a flat $10 delivery fee. 

**If your delivery notifications become redundant, we have an Unsubscribe option 

Pick Up


For our remote locations or members we can’t deliver to, we have a variety of pick up locations.  

These can be a school, office, restaurant, brewery or any central community location. They are a great way to connect with local businesses that are also invested in local food and get to know your community. 

*If you are interested in starting a Pickup Location, please reach out!

Our current pickup locations are:


Moses Kountry Natural Foods - 7115 4th St NW, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87107 (Drop Off Wednesdays)

Barelas Community, ABQ - Re-Opening Mid - 2024

Polks Folly Butcher Shop - Temporarily Closed 

Savory Spice Shop - 225 Galisteo St, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (Drop Off Fridays)

What Our members Say

Organic Beetroots

Kathy, CSA Member

Dear NMH Team, We just wanted to tell you again how much we like your food and delivery and admire your creativeness, caring, and grit. What you have done over the last couple of years for farmers across NM, hungry people, the environment, and your clients is completely amazing. We recommend you to everybody we know. Your foods really taste better, besides being better for us and the earth. 

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