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Farm Fresh Food Delivered to your home.

local food bag grocery delivery

The harvests from across the state comes together at our Food hub. We pack up your orders and deliver it directly to your door or pick up location. Simple as that. 

Create your harvest member profile. Choose between a traditional CSA share, customized CSA share, or a la carte ordering. 

Every week you can shop our virtual farmer’s market. Our marketplace is open Friday evening at 5 pm until Sunday evening at 7 pm. 

Our Farmers get the collective orders and start harvesting and packing exactly what you need. Nothing is wasted and our farmers can spend more time tending their land.





Support Sustainable

All our farmers, ranchers, and producers hold themselves to a high standard in the food they produce for you. Everyone has a different story, their relationships to their land are unique and they all have something in common: pride in their work. 

Their crops are raised without pesticides, in keeping with Organic practices though they may not be certified. ​They care for the soil, the precious water, and they pay their employees a fair, living wage.

These stewards of the land have dedicated their lives to nurture the growth of foods that sustain the lives of hundreds of families in our community. 

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